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Neko Flies Cat Toys Expert Testimonials

"Many behavior issues in cats are partially due to lack of environmental enrichment.  Left on their own, most cats would be hunting for up to 20 small meals per day!  Adding a proactive plan for play, training, and general enrichment can help cats cope with daily stressors, improve problem solving skills, and build the human-animal bond.  However, finding a toy that each individual cat enjoys can be challenging.

When I first got the test shipment from Nekoflies, I didn't think they would be anything special compared to other similar toys on the market.  But when I road tested them, I was happily surprised.  My jaded, old cat was totally over the moon.  I had to hide it just like they say!  Nekoflies are a great way to provide an outlet for normal predatory behavior and to have great fun doing it."

Dr E'Lise Christensen Bell, DVM DACVB
Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist

The kitties adore the toys! Talk about going completely crazy over something! And I am so impressed with how sturdy they are. I mean, Ocicats are not gentle with their "stuff" but these attachments are holding up amazingly well. Nothing has been deconstructed yet. Not even a little bit. They really are amazing toys. The bugs especially make my cats crazy. And I really do marvel at how indestructible they are. I am willing to be that these toys will be around long after the cats and I are in the "home"!! :-)If I still had my practice, I would have these toys in there for sale, no doubt. This is a winner!

Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins
The Official Veterinarian of CAT CHAT® on NEKO FLIES toys

"Neko Flies need to be in every cat household. The array of toys from Nekochan allow you to customize playtime to fit your cat's personality. The Kragonfly with its iridescent wings and irresistible movements held my cat's attention from start to finish. It was, by far, the best play session we have had in a long time. As a cat behavior expert, I work with clients on a daily basis who are convinced that their cats no longer have the desire to play. Neko Flies will change that! I love the versatility of offering creepy crawly critters, hairy mice, toys that wiggle or fly through the air. No matter how athletic or sedentary you cat is, with Neko Flies you can turn a typical play session into something spectacular. Nekochan left nothing out – even the handle of the toy is designed for maximum comfort as you're playing with your cat. Neko Flies top my recommendation list when it comes to toys. You cat will thank you!"

Pam Johnson-Bennett, CCBC, PCBC
Cat Behavior Associates, LLC

My cat LOVES them!! I will definitely introduce them to the public of my seminar next Saturday. I would also like to buy a set of toys for our Behavior Service at Penn (I don't want to take away the Neko Flies from my cat!), so I can show them to our clients.
Thanks a lot.

Carlo Siracusa, DVM, MSc, PhD
Animal Behavior Service
Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital
School of
Veterinary Medicine
University of Pennsylvania

"Bring out the kitten in your cat!" is my new motto to encourage people to play with their cats every day – and I believe Neko Flies is the best way to achieve that goal. Neko Flies is now the Official Cat Toy of my live weekly radio show, CAT CHAT®, on the Martha Stewart channel of Sirius/XM satellite radio because it encourages stimulating, challenging play for pussycats with everyone in the human family, from grandma to children.

Tracie Hotchner
Author of THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know

The fishing pole cat toys with interchangeable toys arrived yesterday and our cats can't get enough of them.  Veronica has returned to the huge leaps of her kitten days, and even Henry, who isn't very good at playing, is engaged.  This is a definite winner in the cat toy sweepstakes.  THANK YOU FOR SENDING THEM OUR WAY.

Official Ocicat Testers for CAT CHAT® the radio show

Neko Flies cat toys are a favorite with my cats, since their realistic looks, movements, and textures engage my cats' natural hunting and play urges. So much of the joy in owning cats is in watching their sheer athleticism, and well made Neko Flies hold up to enthusiastic cat play. A playful cat is a more emotionally and physically healthy animal, and when I pull out the Neko Flies for a play session I know that both my cat and I will be having fun together!

Lisa-Maria Padilla
Hitails Abyssinians and Performance Cats

Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to tell you how amazing your toys are. I bought a Katarantula for my 9-year-old tabby several weeks ago, and she went absolutely nuts for it. We've had weeks and weeks of play value from it. Just yesterday, wanting to spice up her life, I got her a Kragonfly. She appears to believe it's a real bug. She pulls it out of the air, gets it in her mouth and runs away with it (with me in tow). This is incredible to me. I've bought a lot of toys for my cats over the years, and I've never ever had a response like that. They are by far the best toys I've ever bought. Great work, guys. You rock.

Dave W.

We saw this item on the show 'My Cat from Hell' on Animal Planet.  I was impressed with how real it felt. Our cats have gone CRAZY for this toy----they have many toys and this one keeps them focused, exercising and they are so happy in achieving their catch as they go to great physical effort to pounce on it or chase it.  It moves on the floor like a real mouse, too. Truly an impressive toy...and the best one out on the market...the only toy you truly need and the first one you must buy if just getting your cat.

L. S.

Our two 9-1/2 year old cats absolutely LOVE their Neko fly toys.  So do the cats at the rescue cat adoption center where I volunteer.  I've had cats all my life and I've never seen a more enthusiastic reception.  Our cats scarcely glance at their many other toys now.  Our Maine Coon acts like a kitten again as she "goes airborne" to capture the Kragonfly.  These are great toys and obviously designed with feline input.

Elizabeth R.

I bought the deluxe kit with all of the flies - my cats love them all!  We keep them in a drawer when not in use (because otherwise they'll drag the mouse or whatever else is attached with the rod around the house) and they spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to open the drawer.  Their favorite fly is the large mouse.  So glad I spent the money.  We have spent plenty on toys for them that they either didn't like playing with or destroyed within days of getting.

Donna G.

Shelter Testimonials

As soon as they were introduced, NekoFlies toys became a favorite of the shelter cats at MEOW Cat Rescue. The resident cats in our community rooms get so excited when a volunteer enters carrying a NekoFlies wand. The older and overweight cats get much-needed exercise and the shy cats come out of their hidey-holes. The Mini NekoFlies is a great play and exercise option for cats who prefer the security of their cages. The wands are sturdy and the grip is comfortable. The attachments offer the cats a variety of entertainment as each one moves differently. The shelter cats at MEOW would like to thank NekoChan Enterprises for a great product!

Bonne VeVea, Director
MEOW Cat Rescue

Immediately upon opening the packages, I could tell that the Neko Flies were very unique and thoughtfully designed toys. However, it wasn't until I saw the cats' enjoyment - no, elation - that I realized just how special the Neko Flies are. It filled my heart with joy to see middle-aged, elderly and Special Needs cats playing with high energy and wild-eyed delight. Even cats who are normally quite timid and frightened seemed to lose all abandon in the presence of the kragonfly. Perhaps most amazing, the cats do not seem to tire of the Neko Flies. One affectionate brown tabby, in particular, comes to mind. While he loves to play, he's notorious for becoming "bored" with toys after a single play session. But, with the Neko Flies, he has met his match. If we even approach the cabinet where "his" kragonfly is stored, he'll begin meowing frantically, and plays like a kitten with great enthusiasm every single time.

At Tabby's Place, Neko Flies are bringing excitement and fresh joy to cats who have, in many cases, been dealt a tough hand in life. These exceptional toys fit perfectly into our mission to give these precious cats the very best of everything - including affection and fun. While our hope for every cat is that he or she should be adopted into a loving home, many of our kitties will be with us for life. It is wonderful to be able to enrich their lives with such delightful toys. I would recommend the Neko Flies to every cat and every cat-adorer!

Angela Elizabeth Townsend, Development Director
Tabby's Place

Thank you for your generous donation of Neko Flies cat toys. We have placed 1 -2 rods in each of our cat area's. They have been a real hit with all of our residents!! Our volunteers have really enjoyed using the rod and mouse (spider and dragon fly to!) to play with the cats. The cats really enjoy exercising that predatory drive, it gets them really moving around and having fun. Even our shy cats will come out and interact with visitors when the rod toy is used.

The toy, along with other measures, helps us to reduce the stress that shelter cats can experience.

Thanks again for providing these toys........cats love them!

Jayne Nelson, Manager of Animal Welfare
Langley Animal Protection Society