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Nekochan Product FAQs

Our interactive cat toys with interchangeable attachments was made in response to the need for high quality, durable, and safe toys that captivates your cat's attention as well as motivates your feline to exercise their natural hunting skills. Neko flies and Neko Birbug products will encourage play interaction that both you and your cat will enjoy together. Please see some safety tips we put together, so you may enjoy greater play times with your feline family. With our Neko Pawdz line of products which include the fun and cozy, feline shaped sleeping bag for those cats who like to snuggle. Our new UJI Tunnel System which takes interactive cat play to a new level of engagemnt, with it's design your own tunnel concept.


U J I Tunnel System

1. What is the U J I Tunnel System?

       * Cat play system made up of 3 uniquely shaped tunnels. Each one can be used alone or together for hours of fun, interactive playtime.

       * U J I Tunnels can create over 20 different combination shapes! 

       * Tunnels can be configured to fit most any size room.

       * Purrfect for cats who love hunting, or just playing around or shy cats looking for a safe place to hide.

       * Purrfect for single or multicat households.

       * Easy to clean. Wash out accidents using shower head and use blow dryer for faster dry time or air dry.

 2. What are the features?

        * Safety Features > Small Pockets to hide the loops/buttons when tunnel is in use. Velcro pieces to tuck up excess material around all zipper openings.

        * Quality plush and decor-friendly exterior. Ultra soft and durable inside material.

        * Sturdy, heavy-duty zippers.

        * Stylish and compact pvc/mesh carry bag. Great for Storage or Travel.

3. How it works?

        * U Tunnel - 6' L x 10" diameter. 3 zippered holes.

        * J Tunnel - 5' L x 10" diameter. 2 zippered holes and one top hole.

        * I Tunnel - 3' L x 10" diameter. 4 zippered holes. Crinkle paper for sound. 

        * Attach zippered ends or sides together to form various combination shapes. See our pictures section for combination ideas.

        * Use with Nekochan wand toys to take your cats interactive play to the next level.

        * Play fetch with a crinkle ball, using the J Tunnel.

        * Wrap the U tunnel around a scratch post for added play options.


Burbug Information Sheet

Bubba, Tomi, Tenka’s Safety Tips

  • Our wand toys are designed for use as teaser toys only.
  • Chewing on the toy is not recommended, as they are durable but not indestructible.
  • For safety and longevity of the products, we recommend that you do not leave your toys out, and put them away in a location (where your cat cannot access it) when not in use.
  • These toys are not intended for ingestion. If product separation occurs, take the toy away immediately.
  • Always supervise your pet and children while playing.
  • Always play with your cat in moderation.
  • To achieve healthy exercise levels, veterinarians' recommend a gradual increase in activity. Don't overplay your cat especially if your cat has been sedentary. Check with your vet to ensure your cat or kitten is capable of safe vigorous play.

1. What does "Nekochan" mean?

  • In Japanese, "neko" means cat and "chan" is a term of endearment used for someone younger than you. Loosely translated, "Nekochan" means "my dear cat".
  • The company is named after the owner's mother's Abyssinian cat pictured on the About Us page.
  • Neko flies means "cat flies" this phrase comes from the toys resemblance to the flies used in fly fishing.
  • Neko birbug is a combination word made up from the words bird” and “bug” as this toy resembles the best of a bird and bug together.

2. What are the different ways to use the toys for exercising your cat?

  • As there are so many different ways to engage your cats interest level in our wand toys, please refer to the Videos Page.

3. What do the names of the toys mean?

4. How have the toys been made safe > some examples?

  • Toy end of the string is hand sewn, so that there are no hard attachments near the cat's face, when flicking the toy.
  • neko flies and neko birbug toys are all made using high quality synthetic and natural materials.
  • There is a minimum amount of glue used, and all glue is non-toxic.
  • The back end of the toys have a foam pad covering the end of the shank to protect cats while flicking the toy.

5. Can a young child handle the toy?

  • We recommend that parents always supervise their young children while playing with their cat and the toys.

6. How have the toys been made durable?

  • All materials-especially the plastic eyes, loop at the top and rubber legs-are tied on securely to prevent separation and accommodate the rough play of cats.
  • The wings on the dragonfly, butterfly and birbug toys are made from very tough PVC material which does not easily tear.

7. What are the rods made of?

  • Neko flies rods are made from clear acrylic, and the handle is plastic.
  • Neko birbug telescoping rod is made from strong graphite rod material.
  • Ergonomically shaped cork handle for maximum comfort while playing.

8. What is special about the Neko Birbug Telscoping Rod?

  • ADJUSTABLE! Our telescoping rod gives you 3 SIZE OPTIONS 18" or 25" or 32". 
  • Choose the length of string, you would like to play with:  short > medium  or  long by easliy attaching the clip to the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th eye guides (* do not attach clip to the top eye guide while rod is fully extended *). 
  • This opens up to a whole new dimension of how to play with your cat for the owner and the cats can enjoy a variety of different playing styles.
  • Neko flies toys are interchangeable with the Telescoping Rod.
  • Compact: fits into a 20" suitcase for travel